zum hirschen
villigen | switzerland

restaurant „zum hirschen“ has a great history. it was a well known as a simple diner for the average working class for years. the ownership changed several times.
executive chef and owner oliver schupp – former chef at the hotel adlon kempinski – reopened in 2009 and tried to make berlins‘ gourmet cuisine palatable to everyone. but people were not ready for this it seemed. the ownership changed again.
nadja schuler and stephane wirth took over in 2010 and slightly renovated the interior. that’s when their success stroy begun.
executive chef schuler is an asset in what she does and makes each dish to an individual artpiece. maître wirth and his teams‘ hospitality make you feel home and in good hands each and every single time.

wild garlic apple soup, melted vacherin mont d’or with potatoes, a wingham filet and their homemade sherbets are highly recommended. since they seasonally ajust their menu you’ll never get bored of the menu and will explore new and better creations then the last time.

even it’s a little out of town though it’s worth every single minute driving. take that time and experience hospitality in a completely new way.

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hauptstrasse 42
5234 villigen
+41 (0)56 284 11 81

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