volta bräu
basel | switzerland

i love beer!

and because of that i was so excited when i first heard about volta bräu, a bar with an own brewery – awesome!

the first three steps of the brewing process are made just next to the bar. those steal tuns give it a very nice industrial touch, as also the whole interior does.

the last time i’ve been to voltabräu they had their regular lager, a „weissbier“ and an ipa – taste them all, it’s definitely worth it. even though beer is drinkable without food, i also have to tell you about that (as we still name us something-like-a-food-blog-but-better). i always prefer to taste everything, so we went for the mixed plate – wow! it’s a selection of their best finger food, e.g. humus, salami, marinated olives… it’s awesome and for two people definitely enough to replace a dinner. if you’re not into sharing, ask for their pulled pork sandwich or just go more than once and try everything.

it’s definitely worth it!

it’s eatelicious
tag @eatelicious.ch when you’re there

voltastrasse 30
4056 basel
+41 61 690 91 29

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