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probably the best kept secret in chinas capital. susu is the vietnamese sensation in beijing and perfectly hidden in qianliang hutong. its charm can’t be beaten and its courtyard broadcasts a unique feeling of being home. only vietnamese chefs preserve the authenticity of the food but the interior and exteriour design of the 140yo building integrate this outstanding place in the chinese culture the best way possible.
highlights are the fresh rolls which can be ordered pre – wrapped or as an interactive „do it yourself“. there is not even one disappointing dish and the menu keeps changing permanently. creative mixes at the bar initiate a great dinner or makes it round late night.
escape the fast moving city and fall in love with beijings no. 1.

it’s eatelicious
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qiangliang q hutong no.10 dongcheng district
100738 beijing
+86 (010) 8400 2699

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