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friendly, professional, cool – just awesome. the food: delicious – eatelicious! (and of course awesome as well)

the mini bar is not easy to find – but all locals know it. it is the in-location of lisbon. furnished something in between a 70’s diner and a 00’s bar with the charm of a „bar next door“. you just feel warmly welcome as soon as you enter it.
the choice between one of the tasting menus (7 or 11 course) or à la carte was not hard for us. as we have chosen to many dishes the last days, we went for the 11 course menu – which was the best choice ever! after too much extraordinary portuguese red wine, you should not aks what we ate. but every dish was a dream!

„…not everything is what it seems“ it says on their website, and it’s true! „…but everything is what you dream of!“ would be our answer.

so just go there, choose the „epic menu“ and a bottle of good wine and enjoy! their outstanding staff will do the rest to create your perfect night out!

it’s eatelicious
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rua antónio maria cardoso 58
1200-027 lisbon
+ 351 21 130 53 93

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