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this is the first restaurant with a chinese x spanish fusion kitchen we have ever been. and to be honest we did not really know what to expect.

pork feet the spanish way. can you imagine? me neighter, but it was truly delicious. they take grandmothers recipe (chinese side) and transform it into a tasty tidbid you should not miss. do not let yourself be influenced by uncommon ingrediences. just try. you can blame us, if you did not like it.
executive chef aitor olabegoya – who trained under ferran adria – offers tapas – little portions to share – or main course portions. this makes migas a great place not for a dinner for two but also big parties.

after dinner you should not miss their astonishing rooftop bar overlooking the whole area. enjoy a drink, great music and experience beijing a way you’ll never forget.

get those „migas“ (spanish for „crumbs“) – you won’t regret.

it’s eatelicious
tag @eatelicious.ch when you’re there

nali patio, 6th floor, no. 81, sanlitun
100027 beijing
+86 10 5208 6061

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