le ti
st. barth | france

this is probably the craziest place on the island of st barths. this is where the cool crowd meets. celebrities, the rich and famous, but also .. us!

carole gruson’s – the queen of st barth’s nightlife – concept is unique and successful since years. le ti is a caribbean tavern with cabaret shows, dancers and singers.

if you think having dinner in a quiet atmosphere served by a waiter in a suit you are wrong. the music is loud, the cabaret show’s dancer swirl around you and people dance on tables right after eating.
the fancy atmosphere, staff and music encourages to show what you’ve got and gives you the opportunity diving into a different world.
theme parties are order of business and it’s just hell of a party up there.

come out of your shell, have a drink, a bottle of champagne – or vodka, and whoop it up.

it’s eatelicious
tag @eatelicious.ch when you’re there

pointe milou
97133 st barthélemy
+590 (0)59 027 9771

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