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berlin | germany

“small plates to share and destroy. natural wines. spirited spirits.”

we’ve been looking forward to eating in this restaurant in berlin for a long time. mainly because a friend of ours had been raving about it, asking if I’ve already been, how we liked it, etc.

the biggest part of the restaurant is taken by the open kitchen, in which several chefs worked with a surprisingly relaxed attitude tonight. the space gets filled up fast. booking a table ahead is very advisable, this one’s on the top list of many foodies, and rightly so.

the cooking has its roots in rustic french and mediterranean cuisine, expressed with modern rigour, precision, and at times perversity.

the dishes taste amazing. AMAZING. thanks to the quality produce they receive from their brandenburg farmer, who visits them twice a week to show off his plants and beasts, their dishes exceeded our expectations.

so for drinking, feasting, lusting, larding and barding, reverent riffs on deserved classics, go to neukölln – they will feed you.

it’s eatelicious
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sonnenalee 83
10045 neukölln | berlin
+49 30 6272 7732

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