basel | switzerland

no reservations taken

before dinner or in the afternoon, after dinner or before party – whenever you’re in the mood for a good glass of wine you need to go to consum. but they do not just serve wine, they also have some good beers from local breweries. and if you’re in for some stronger stuff, they also have a good selection of spirits.

located in rheingasse, just next to the rhine you can find a small but wonderfully furnished bar. with more than 100 different wines and seasonally changing salami and cheese platters, it’s always worth a visit – again and again and again.

please note that they don’t take reservations. so if you’re there without a place to sit, just wait at the bar with your first drink till something frees up.

it’s eatelicious
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rheingasse 19
4058 basel
+351 910 307 575

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