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all eyes on the bacardi legacy finals in berlin

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all eyes on – martin bornemann
bacardi legacy global cocktail competition 2017 finalist

once a year there’s this legendary cocktail competition hosted by bacardi – the bacardi legacy global cocktail competition (blgcc).

as my hometown is basel, my employer is WERK 8, WERK 8’s assistant chef de bar is martin bornemann and martin bornemann is one of the world finalists, i feel constrained to write about this event, taking place end of may 2017.

martin never competed in a cocktail competition before because he somehow didn’t take those events too serious. further he thinks that you can’t show all your skills in just one day, or one moment. but martin got older and cocktail competitions got more serious. further he saw the possibility for WERK 8 to gain some popularity and fame. and the thing about showing your skills in one single day is the same in every competition – whatever profession it’s about. and so he ended up in the world finals of this legendary bacardi legacy global cocktail competition.

martin bornemann and his memento cocktail

the cocktail he created and convinced the jury with is a daiquiri twist with peanut butter and banana. the story behind it is best told by martin himself:

On October 15th 1960 the Bacardi Family is confronted with the confiscation of their company by the Cuban government during the countries ongoing revolution.The next day on October 16th a young Rock `n Roll legend from the United States, the country where the Bacardi Family would emigrate to, broke his finger playing touch football. Rumour has it that before he was able to leave the hospital he was even there served his favourite meal for breakfast: „Gril-led Peanut butter and Banana Sandwich“. Elvis Aaron Presley recovered quickly. So did BACARDI. Two legends, that inspire and influence us to this very day. My Idea was to bring back the iconic BACARDI Banana Daiquiri with a new twist, in a modern, fruity but yet dry and well balanced way.

for marketing purpose, martins friend who’s a film maker, shot this awesome video of him preparing the famous memento cocktail:

now let us all keep our fingers crossed for martin to win this competition. he definitely has what it takes to do so. and please support him by following his instagram and like his facebook page!