we think there are too many websites with way too many restaurant reviews.
too many rating platforms giving people the possibility complaining about what they didn’t like.
fact is that people usually write about bad experiences but not about their good ones.
bad reviews can be influental enough forcing restaurants to close.
there’s enough bad in the world – we only share what we truly loved and extraordinary places worth visiting!

about us

2 good friends. 2 hospitality professionals. 2 individuals.

together we spent 5 years of intense eduaction at the swiss hotel management academy in lucerne, switzerland. we had the great opportunity to travel the world, to learn more about different cultures, to meet the greatest people and still we are close friends. we love getting to know new places, good food, creative concepts, food trends and everything about hospitality.

the idea came while studying in our final semester at the swiss hotel management academy in lucerne, switzerland;

too many review sites with no significant content are out there. we are going to change that. each one of us has a different taste, a different preference of restaurants and geographic areas. not every resaurant gets reviewed; only places we truly love, with the greatest service, the greatest food and the greatest atmosphere will make it on our site. each one of us will recommend his favourites and you will be able to select yours. follow our reviews as well as our instargam @eatelicious.ch and you will experience hospitality in a completely new way.


wine lover and europe traveller.
wannabe cocktailian.
citizen of basel.
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g&t or wine? hard decision.
from baden to the world.
always on the road.
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