100 maneiras
lisbon | portugal

the restaurant 100 maneiras is definitely my favorite one in lisbon. it was my second visit and it’s still astonishing.

when you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll enter a small yet beautiful and simply furnished room. once at your table, you can – or should – start with a delightful sparkling wine from the north of portugal. after that you only have to answer one simple question: do you have any allergies? if not, the menu starts. as they don’t offer any à la carte dishes, the only thing to choose is the wine. an awesome wine list awaits you, what makes it a little hard to decide. alternatively you can go with their recommended wine pairing.

first dish we got was dehydrated codfish with coriander aioli and red pepper coulis – marvellous. it reminds a little bit of those asian prawn crackers, just better. other geniously combined and wonderfully arranged dishes followed, as shown in the picture, a foie gras ice cream with mushroom crumble. in the end you’re full but not overeaten – not that easy with nine courses!

for me, it was simply perfect. a big thank you to the chef ljubomir stanisic and the whole crew!

you should also visit the bistro 100 maneiras – same chef but a la carte dishes.

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rua do teixeira 35| bairro alto
1200-459 lisboa
+351 910 307 575

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